Case Study


How it Began

NomoCab was founded in 2015 based on the idea of making ride hailing free for all riders. When Uber refused to allow "branded vehicles" on their platform, Raj Singh created his own platform. A platform where advertisers could purchase wraps for NoMoCab cars to offset the cost of the ride for the end user. Advertisers also gained a captive audience to advertise to directly.

Founded 2015

Location PA

Capital Raised 250K

Industry Tech/Auto

Stage Acquired

Our Job

Through Singh Ventures business development efforts NoMoCab was able to close $2.5mm in business by the end of its first year . The Singh Ventures team developed the mobile app that was integral to it's success. Lastly the marketing plan developed by Singh Ventures, targeting college ambassadors, helped attract a high growth user base. When the time came Singh Ventures was able to manage a smooth acquisition for NomoCab.

Graphic Design

Business Dev

Tech Dev

P.R. & Marketing

Branding & Networking

The Result

NomoCab is the dream result for any company. With the help of Singh Ventures services, and a great value proposition, NomoCab was acquired in just under a year from its original inception. In a span of only 11 months, NomoCab was formed, launched, and acquired - resulting in a 4X return on investment.

Daily Active Users 23K

Return On Investment 4x

Stage Exited

No Longer In Market